Dr. Mustafa Cem Kasapbasi

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Academic Publications

Int. Journal Papers

M. C. KASAPBAŞI, H.S. VAROL “Knowledge Management Integrated Web Based Information Security Course Tutoring System”, International Journal of Engineering Education, Volume: 25 Issue: 5 Pages: 1013-1019 Published: 2009

National Journal Papers

M.C. KASAPBAŞI, S. ALSAN, “Developing Educational Simulator Applications For Various Industrial Sensor and Transducers”, Istanbul Commerce University Journal Of Science, Yıl 4 Sayı 7 Spring 2005 s 144-155 (in Turkish)

International Symposiums

M.Cem KASAPBAŞI, H.Selçuk Varol "Education about Information Security with the help of knowledge management Software" 2. International Computer &Instructional Technologies Symposium 2008 Kusadasi İzmir/Turkey (in Turkish)
M. C. KASAPBASI, W. Seidman, Ç. K. KOÇ, "Developing an Information Technology Security Coach", 5th International Educational Technology Conference, 2005 Vol1 p210-216
M. Meral, M. Cem Kasapbaşi, “Internet Based Collaborative Learning”, Internationally participated, 1st Learning and Teaching in 2000 years Symposium 29-31 May 2002 Abstract Book 418,419

National Symposiums

M.Cem Kasapbaşı, "Object Relation Mapping with Object Oriented Languages", Akademik Bilisim 2010, Subat 2010 Mugla University/ Mugla

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